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ACT Tobacco Overview

Automation and Control Technology is the leader in bringing modern technology to the field of cigarette manufacturing. Through technology, quality and performance, the cigarette making process is optimized.

Demands on cigarette manufacturers are growing at an ever increasing pace. Requirements for greater production, consumer preference, and governmental compliance are assaulting the manufacturer’s performance every day. ACT products and services address these demands by driving immediate return on investment, for this very reason.

ACT focuses on the needs of the individual customer. ACT’s needs-based” technology produces products and services that answer the demands affecting the entire business of the cigarette manufacturer.

Fast response, process knowledge, dedication to the goal – these qualities are the foundation upon which ACT supports the customer. Experienced service and a “results-oriented” attitude mean lower material costs, increased productivity and a reduced cost per unit.

Cigarette Maker
  • C10, C30, C40/60 Weight Measurement and Control
  • Nucleonic Weight Sensors
  • Microwave Weight Measurement Sensors
  • Hard and Soft Spot and Void Classification
  • Automatic Target Management
  • Rod Inspection and Rejection
  • Tip Inspection and Rejection
  • Missing Filter Inspection and Rejection
  • Circumference Measurement
  • Downtime Analysis
  • Molins Electronic Upgrades

Filter Room

  • C100 KDFP for Inserted Filter Flavor Pellet Detection and Placement System
  • C105 Combined Filter Placement and Detection System

Packer and Caser

  • Data Collection
  • Downtime Analysis
  • Lot Tracking

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