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In 2011, ACT delivered the first industrial application using Terahertz technology measurement in the United States. We are pleased to announce ACT has supplied over 75% of all industrial Terahertz measurement applications used in the US process industries.

Our Envision M-Series with Terahertz sensor is now being used on Coextruded Foam and Tubing, Web and Calendar based Roofing and Flooring product process lines and soon installed on a Medical / Drug Industry application process line.

The Envision M-Series with Terahertz sensor is the first web scanning Time Domain Terahertz solution for plant floor deployment. The measurement solution offers a unique multi-layer, non-nucleonic, non-ionizing, non-contacting multi-function sensor that measures basis weight, caliper thickness and percent moisture in one small ultra-fast reflection sensor.

The use of Terahertz technology is growing fast because of a number of key attributes:

More accurate measurements than a nucleonic sensor.
Measures layers within a product, unlike a single measurement traditional devices.
Safe alternative to nucleonic technology with no radiation present or regulatory compliance required.
Measurement is generally not dependent on signal intensity, as in any radiation based measurement technique, but is based upon the time between significant events.

Terahertz technology is an excellent choice for the following applications:

Packaging films and laminations
Hygienic & medical composites
TPO Roofing (Thermoplastic Olefin)
EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer)
Construction and automotive composites
Paint thickness (even while wet)

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ACT is now an industry recognized expert with proven installations of the non-nucleonic Terahertz technology and with very satisfied customer references. These proven installations are operating in the following industries; Food, Roofing, Carpet, Coating and Converting, Medical / Drug and Paper separating us from the competition.

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