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Home: Roofing, vinyl flooring, carpeting, containers, coated fabrics, fiberglass insulation and moisture barrier films.
Personal Hygiene: Diapers, feminine products, disposable wipes, breathable films and fabrics, medical and surgical disposable products.
Automotive: Carpet, headliners, dash board panels, filtration media, seating noise control, gasoline tanks, insulating panels, and in commercial trailers and truck bed liners.
Commercial: PVC products, stationary, adhesive labels, electrical insulation, avionic electrical insulation, and packaging and specialty tapes.
Packaging: Liquid packaging, aseptic packaging, dry goods packaging, portion packaging, shrink wrap, coated films and food packaging.
Industrial and Engineering: Capacitor film, mica papers, asphalt overlay, stabilization media, conveyor belting, commercial roofing fabrics and geothermal landfill materials.

Cast and Extruded Sheet and Film Applications range from very thin films (.0005) to sheets as thick as .500. Solutions range from simple single layer thickness or basis weight measurement and control systems to fully integrated systems including auto-die control applications. The Envision M-Series of sensors provides a wide range of capabilities including both transmission and backscatter measurement technologies. Combined with the M-Series Electronic Console, they provide a comprehensive package that provides timely manufacturing information as well as historical data for evaluation by the customer.

Blown Film Depending on the application and the ACT sensor used, the ACT sensor can be mounted on the collapsing frame or on the edge of the layflat.

Coating and Converting Applications include measurement of adhesives, hot melts, resins or other coatings on paper, textiles, nonwovens and plastics. Extrusion coating and laminating applications are also available. Utilizing the Envision M-Series Terahertz multiple layer or traditional differential measurement and control system, accurate measurement can be provided for substrate, coatings, moisture and total weight. Up to four frames with multiple sensors per frame can be provided for the most complex applications. Control can be provided for multiple process variables such as coat weight and moisture.

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