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Immediate and Long Lasting Return on Investment


In a brief statement, that is what ACT supplies to the steel, aluminum, and coating industries immediate and long lasting ROI


ACT Nucleonic and X-ray sensors provide superbly accurate, reliable, and easy to maintain thickness and coat weight measurements.


ACT Envision Systems define the concept of open systems technology. Whether replacing obsolete electronics with third party sensors, or as the front-end to ACT sensors, Envision Systems are designed for immediate operator acceptance, through thorough engineering.

Coat Weight Control

ACT Coat Weight Control provides the most immediate ROI. By controlling the total coat weight on the sheet, raw material cost are kept low, quality is kept high, and information to optimize the system is made easily available

Compact Systems

Compact Systems offer the perfect blend of value and function to the steel or aluminum service center. A simple, accurate measurement and a compact operator interface provide a low-cost solution to meet needed of demanding users.

Decision Support

ACT Database Management Solutions provide the highest level of decision support. Taking statistics not only from Envision Systems, but other equipment throughout the process, ACT supplies industry, standard databases and user oriented applications to support, quality, production, and process optimization. Applications range from simple data collection to Web-based coil reporting, making information open and available where it is most useful.

Solutions we provide to the metal industries:

ACT Envision System

ACT Envision Compact Solution

ACT Coat Weight Measurement and Control Solution

ACT Nucleonic Sensors

ACT X-Ray Sensors

ACT Databases and Applications

ACT Service

Frames, Sensors, and Systems that provide accurate, reliable measurement…

Controls that optimize the use of raw materials and control costs…

Databases and Applications that provide decision support for keeping costs low and quality out the door high…

Services that Protect your Investment…

ACT is your supplier for immediate and long lasting ROI in the metals industry

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