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ACT is committed to customer service and maintains a team of dedicated and professional service engineers ready to help with the installation, training, and service of all measurement & control systems produced by ACT. Every effort is made to keep "down time" to a minimum and any disruption to the production process held to a minimum. Everyone at ACT takes pride in keeping your systems operational and performing up to expectations.

The ACT systems utilize nonproprietary, commercially-available components. In the unlikely event of a failure, depending on the application and facility location, spare parts may be purchased from ACT or a local source.

Unlike many of our competitors, ACT does not recommend the customer stock an excessive quantity of spare parts. We maintain an inventory of spare parts and generally can provide overnight shipment to your facility. If needed, a recommended spare parts list can be obtained from the Customer Service Department.

If you require contract service for your system, please call us at 614-495-1120 today and our service manager will be able to assist you in all your service needs.

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