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Envision C30

The Envision™ C30 system provides a reliable weight controller to the worldwide tobacco industry that is simple to install, operate and maintain with features and functions that go far beyond the competition.

The ENVISION™ C30 system utilizes industry standard hardware and software, integrated with ACT custom software, to automatically maintain average cigarette weight at the desired specification with minimum variation.

Every system includes:

Electronics Enclosure - a rugged industrial enclosure housing both the operator interface and the electronics hardware

Operator Interface - provides the visual interface between the user and the system for control and set-up. Also used for on-site calibration and diagnostic purposes.

Weight Measurement Sensor - the most accurate and reliable weight sensor available to the Tobacco Industry, measures weight per unit length of the moving cigarette rod.

Control Actuator - used to maintain correct cigarette weight

Shaft Encoder - provides synchronization between the system and the maker/tipper for correct weight classification and rejection


Long Term Mean Weight (LTMW) Measurement and Control
Whole Cigarette Weight Classification
Defective Cigarette Rejection
Good Cigarette Production Counter
Sampling Functions for System Calibration and Testing
Digital and Analog Inputs for Control Motor Limit Alarms
Standard Deviation Histogram Display
Dense End Monitor with Dense End Position and Amount

Optional Features and Functions

Automatic Target Management
Fractional Cigarette Classification and Rejection
External I/O Expansion
Current Shift Data Report
Data Base Update
Current Shift Data Files
Multiple Dense End Profile

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