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Envision C100-KDFP

The Envision C100-KDFP Systems is specifically designed to detect the presence of inserted flavor pellets within certain specified areas of a formed cellulose acetate rod. ACT to date has delivered over 25 Systems configured for both basis weight and moisture detection of flavor pellets during assembly at the Combiner and or delivery out to the Cigarette Maker.

Microwave sensor technology is used to measure the cellulose acetate filter rod with inserted flavor pellets. The microwave sensor is configured for both the measurement of basis weight and moisture. The basis weight measurement measures the basis weight of the acetate and the acetate with inserted flavor pellet. The moisture measurement measures the presence of moisture caused by a flavor pellet being broken during the filter assembly process and prior to the microwave sensor or out at the delivery input of filters to the cigarette maker.

Standard Features

Detect the presence or absence of an inserted flavor pellet within or outside a product defined measurement window using the microwave basis weight measurement.

Detect the presence of a recently broken capsule occurring prior to the measurement sensor using the microwave moisture measurement.

Defective rods will be identified and rejected from the process. Product setup files are provided to set up flavor pellet zones and limits along the length of the rod.

Data collection to include:
Total Attempts
Total Classified
Total Accepts
Total Number of Classified rods rejected
Total rejects for each category of Weight classification
Total rejects of rods where moisture is outside limits
Total individual rod defects per zone

Provide a user defined threshold Output from the beginning of the rod to Pellet Insertion Device

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